Current Leader

06-03-2013 08:26


chen youzhong

Directer of Sports Department



Responsible for the teaching,scientific research, training of teachers, training of sport teams,competition,data room construction, the management of stadium,and logistical support and the like.



Li Hong

Secretary of the sports department

Depend on the teaching plans,we will edit and print school time table; coordinate all kinds of curriculum; in charge of the declaration of the elective, exemption, retaken course, minor course and grade; put school teaching reform measures into practice; keep in touch with all administrative of the dean’s office at work, make sure sports teaching work in order, and etc.

Office Tel:65786618    E-mail:
  Tao Qing

Executive Secretary Perform the function of office, handle internal executive issues,in charge of the work of contacting the outside and receiving guests, organize and arrange all kinds of meeting, protocol all kinds of rules and related office documents ,draw up internal work reports and summaries,and ensure the office works normally, and so on.  

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